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About Us

A bit of history

This is us – Melody Chan and Tita Rimando, friends from way back when we were both consultants at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). When we left and went our separate ways, we pursued different paths – one went on to start a business in scrapbooking, and the other went on to become a freelance consultantin change management and human performance. Although we had different work activities, we were constantly in touch.

Ti & Me Handiworks Co.

It was one fateful lunch date sometime late-2009 when our table conversation led us to daydream and imagine what might be, what could be, what if.

What if we create stuff, produce things and sell them? What if we could re-purpose our old stuff, up-cycle vintage items, or make use of scrap material? What if we could teach others and enable some depressed community?
Energized by the potential we saw, plus our shared interest for crafting and handmade goods, the daydreaming process began to sizzle, the partnership took root, and production started humming early 2010. This marked the beginning of Ti & Me Handiworks Co.
Peppered with what-if’s, that lunch conversation would become our trademark conversation process, and would eventually become our registered product trademark.

Our advocacy

We believe that the world is a basket of abundance – generous in its resources for those who see its possibilities. Imagination is our starting point and potential is our ultimate thrill ride
We believe in the value of handmade products that reflect thoughtful work.  We enjoy the creative process of re-purposing, recycling and reusing vintage and scrap material.  For the most part, we actually make our own products and hence we carry limited edition.  No two products are exactly the same.
We believe in self-sufficiency.  We outsource production of specific products to the Rehabilitation Workshop, a half-way house for the deaf-mute, blind and orthopedic cases. This then becomes part of their training as they prepare to move back as productive members of society.
Bringing our goods to market
We take time to choose our market, in the same way that our market chooses our products. Our customers share our values for things handmade, environment-sensitive raw materials, and people development throughcommunity enablement.
Since we rolled out in June 2010, we’ve been regular vendors in a number of markets such as: American Women’s Bazaar, Legaspi Sunday Market, Global Pinoy, USEC Bazaar, and many other green markets around the metro.
It is amazing that no matter where life brings me, I always find myself returning to what I love most and that is “creating”. Whether it be paper or fabric, pen or thread, glue or paint, the idea of being able to create something from nothing is pure joy to me. Crafting is more than just a past time. It provides balance in my life. People tend to live in the past or worry about the future but craft play allows me to live in the present. Nothing is hopeless or impossible to one who can see possibilities in and beyond ordinary things and that is what crafting does to my perspective.
All those years working in the corporate setting, I always knew there was more to it than the daily grind. Now that I’ve crossed over, I’ve rediscovered the meaning of joyful work. Craft work allows me to reconnect with my spirit and to explore what could be. In this space I constantly dance around, shifting perspectives. And it is in this magical place where imagination and possibilities collide.