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The majestic image of Mayon Volcano is the first to flash whenever the province of Albay is discussed. The beautiful Mayon serves not only as an image but also a symbol that epitomizes the wholeness of the province.
Despite many advancement in technology, tourism and economy, Bicol remains to be one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines.
It is in this light why Mr. Kengkoy decided to invest in Albay. Matnog is at the foot of the Mayon Volcano. Despite being a danger zone, people remain to settle there for their living which is weaving.
Ever since, weaving has been a part of their culture and lives and even up to now, it remains to be their source to sutain their family's needs and bring their children to school.
Matnog, Albay houses the heart of Mr. Kengkoy, the Nanays.