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Best for the everyday living. The KLASIK is a perfect fit for your light belongings that accompany you in your ordinary course of living.

Special Features
  • Lightweight
  • Simple


Your electronic laptop's best friend! The TEKI is best for the technologically inclined people who desire utmost care for their valuable gadget. The unique design ensures you the maximum protection for your laptop and accessories, without compromising style. 
Special Features
  • Thick layers of cushion to ensure maximum protection
  • Special pockets for laptop accessories (e.g. charger, mouse, etc.)
  • Two main compartments for both the laptop and other personal stuff of the user
  • Spacius
  • Specialized protective coat for backpack in case of bad weather or other negative exposure


Need a study buddy? The MASIPAG backpack is for you! It is designed to maximize the capability of a student's (or teacher's) backpack in catering to the rigors of academic life. Your school days would be made easier with pockets strategically located on the most appropriate positions. Calculators, pens, papers, and even netbooks could be housed in a very organized and efficient manner with this student-friendly backpack. 
Special Features
  • Organized pockets and compartment for easier access while in school
  • Special compartment for netbook for specific school purposes (e.g. PPT Presentations, etc.)
  • Bag's weight is reduced to give way to the weight load of school stuff like books, notebooks, etc.


If there's one backpack that defines both cuteness and utility, that's gotta be this young fella. With a maximized space despite its relatively small size, the Mr. Kengkoy Jr. is best for people who wishes to stuff his/her loads on only a pint-sized backpack. 
Special Features
  • Relatively smaller than that of the other backpacks; emphasizes aesthetic “cuteness”
  • Lightweight
  • Both the compartment and front pocket maximize the space given for each