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1. What is “Dashboard”?
“Dashboard” is a page where you can see all the updates from the websites you follow.
2. What are “Menu Types”?
Menu types is a feature under menu pages that tells you what kind of page you can create.
3. What are the kinds of “Menu Types”?

Article - put contents using text editor
Photos - upload images
Blog - share any contents like photos, links and videos
Contact Us - put all your contact details

4. What is “Published” and “Unpublished”?

Published - when your page is set to "Published", contents will show on your website
Unpublished - when your page is set to "Unpublished", contents will not show on your web site

5. Can I change my website URL?
Yes, feature is still on the works.
6. Why is my post not posted in Facebook and Twitter?
We’re currently working on this feature.