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Why ArtBeat Manila and what is it all about?

First, the name creation is pretty simple: Art + Beat (as in Beatrix) and Manila ‘cos Maniluh rocks(!) and I’m based in Manila. Back in elementary, all the kids referred to me as “Beat” (read as /be-yat/). But for the purposes of the brand name, it’s /beet/. Eh, voila! The ArtBeat Manila.
The ArtBeat Manila (ABM) is a design studio that seeks to excite and inspire curiosity through tangible design. My love for print and fascination for paper motivated me to develop a stationery brand that’s fun, fresh and one-of-a-kind.
Differentiation is key. What’s in the market? What’s missing? The ArtBeat Manila is actually an answer to my own ‘wish list’. For greeting cards that are not over-talkative. For compact yet ‘designed’ bring-me-everywhere notebooks. For crazy, awesome, colorhappy stuff that uplift and impassion.
Since day one, I wanted to create notebook covers that tickle… that make you happy and giddy and happy and very alive. Designs that inspire you to write; designs that make you sing (and/or even dance). Weird, absurd abstract patterns that  you can look at all day long and see a different something each time. Colors that make you wanna shout! /YEAHBOI/