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The RagPet Project 

The RagPet Project is an advocacy of KARAW ArtVentures. The products are RagPets (a term coined from the words rag and pets) designed for t-shirts, bags, and keychains. What the inmates could contribute is that they will be the main component in the production aspect of the social enterprise. Being part of the team, they will be compensated for the products that they produce. Aside from that the social enterprise will adopt a saving scheme policy for the inmates so that, in every earning that they have, they would be able to save some amount that they can use whenever they get out of the prison. With the money that they earn, they will be able to augment the support needed by their family, especially their children. With the opportunity that the social enterprise could provide to them, we are able to empower them and give high regard to their existence and what they can contribute to their family even if they are in the prison and in the society as a whole. 

RagPet Product Features

RagPets are novelty and gift items that range from t-shirts, bags and keychains. Made from old buttons and used cloth/rags and other recyclable materials, every RagPet is handcrafted, unique and distinct from others. For every RagPet, there would be an attached description of who they are and what they do – a profile information on which the buyers could relate themselves with and could spark curiosity about the products. Every RagPet has a story to tell. Although they are made from rags, we make sure that they are always filled with love.



The RagPet Project Write-up

The RagPet Project is a comeback venture from Karaw ArtVentures which presents its latest ragdoll collections.
These cute and charming RagPets are beautiful examples of what recycling can do. The materials for their unique features are rags, combined with creativity, ingenuity, and childish fun. This ragdoll line is an advocate of recycling and sustainability. It only uses scrap materials from old, torn, and used fabrics to help lessen garbage by making use of what many consider as trash. Old buttons and other scrap items are used to accessorize these rags and give them new life as they are skillfully sown together to become RagPets. Thus, they can be considered not only as keepsake items but as pet buddies that are filled with love and ready to share this love to the one who would adopt them. Each  RagPet has a story to tell as each of them are given a unique name and profile in which one could relate himself/herself to!
So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in childish fun and help these Rag Pets find their new haven -- your place could be a perfect one!