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About Us

Anna Bananna is a Philippines-based handbag company whose aim is to uplift the standards of Philippine products, while still making them affordable. All materials have been sourced in the Philippines, and the bags are put together by Filipino manufacturers. The bags are made with the objective that they should be able to proudly stand side by side and compete with bags of foreign brands, and not be frowned upon as cheap or imitation.

Brand Profile

Anna Bananna creates bags with STYLE and SUBSTANCE, all made in the Philippines.

Each handbag evokes an understated elegance that stands out amidst the deluge of overly-designed bags clamoring for attention. Every tote, clutch or satchel sits quietly in one corner but cunningly attracts the senses of the most avid but meticulous shopper. The shapes are classic and timeless. The hues and textures are subtle but far from ordinary.

At Anna Bananna, we understand that every object has an inherent function, and that a bag should first and foremost function as a bag.  Our totes and satchels are able to withstand heavy load.  Our clutches and baguettes are able to carry the bare essentials of the modern woman - cash, credit cards, and mobile phone.  Our bags are comfortable and not tedious to carry.  They are lightweight and the straps are made flat or cushioned, to prevent shoulder strain.  

Core Values

At Anna Bananna, we put emphasis on sensibility and trustworthiness.  Our bags are sensibly priced, and we check the quality of each bag.  Being an online shop, should a customer be dissatisfied with our product, we offer a full refund for returns made within 7 days of shipment.  We also welcome any comments or suggestions.